Beard Oil-What it is and why you should be using it.

Of all of the tools in your beard care regimen, beard oil is the one item that should be considered a must if you want your beard to be the envy of bearded men across the globe. Beard oil can take you from looking OK, to looking amazing.
So what exactly is Beard Oil?  Simply put, a high quality Beard Oil is a blend of carrier oils and essential oils.  When mixed in perfect ratios, Beard Oil provide nutrients to the beard and skin and help treat a number of different issues that arise with growing that perfect mane.  

By themselves, Carrier oils deliver many of the benefits of any beard oil as they make up the vast majority of the actual oil.  The highest quality oils should contain a mix of Jojoba (‘ho-ho-ba”), Hempseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil, and Sunflower Oil.  

Carrier oils are completely all natural, and mainly derived from nuts and seeds.
These oils can often be found in several different high end beauty products.  The reason being that these oils are completely natural and have the best moisturizing ability for your hair and skin.

Instead of using a mixture of chemicals, which can actually damage the hair and dry out the skin, Carrier Oils deliver better moisturizing and nourishing abilities.

Then there are essential oils.  The better, higher quality Beard Oils will usually include a blend of essential oils. This is what gives the beard oil its scent, and healing properties. These oils should be 100% Pure Essential Oils to retain the therapeutic properties, and should always be diluted prior to applying directly to the skin.  With the wide range of different essential oils, the options are truly limitless when deciding upon which scent your oil should have.

The Dreaded Beard Itch - Not a problem with Beard Oil

There comes a time in every beards journey (usually about a month in) where the face gets a little bit itchy.  This is a common problem and completely unnecessary with the introduction of a quality beard oil.  

So why does it itch to begin with? Great question.  At the root of every hair follicle exists a gland, a sebaceous gland. This gland produces an oil called sebum.  Sebum is vital in providing the nutrients that your hair needs to stay well nourished.  The longer your beard gets, the more sebum it needs - but the problem is that your glands do not grow in proportion to your hair.  So as the hair gets longer, you need to introduce a substitute to provide the hair the nutrients it needs and keep up with the growing demand of sebum.  Without the introduction of oil, the beard and even more importantly, the skin begin to dry out.  By introducing Beard Oil to your regimen, you provide the lacking nutrients and the resulting itch simply goes away.

First the Itch - Now the flakes, what exactly is Beardruff?

No doubt about it, Beardruff Sucks!! Beardruff is simply dandruff, of the face.  When your skin is dry and itchy, you scratch it.  When it’s dry for a long enough period and If you scratch it enough, the skin will start to flake off and Beardruff is born.  This can be embarrassing, especially in a public setting.  Using a high quality beard oil will eliminate the itchy and dry face, eliminate the dry skin and you eliminate the dandruff.

How do you apply it?

Application is very straightforward.  Simply put about a nickle size amount of oil in your hand and rub it into the hair and skin under the beard.  Once finished, take a fine tooth comb and comb thoroughly ensuring that each hair gets its fair share.

Great - now where can I buy it?

Northridge Oak provides a full line of Beard Oils, with multiple scents to choose from.  Scents provided by Northridge Oak include Mighty Oak (a blend of Cedarwood and Balsam Fir), Ozark Mint, Ozark Citrus, Ozark Breeze (Lavender and Vetiver) and Ozark Forest (Frankincense and Myrhh).  You can order online at and have it delivered right to your door.  Northridge Oak also offers Free Shipping on qualifying orders (anything over $30), and free samples with purchase when available.

When it comes to your looks, and your face - don’t settle for second best.  Northridge Oak offers not just oil, but a solution to your beard delima.  Life is short | Live the Life you Love - Live Bearded.

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