At Northridge Oak, we are committed to providing 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, All natural Beard Oils and Balms, and other Certified Organic products to you and your family - Balance the Mind, Body and Soul.

Men's Grooming

We understand the struggle. Poor growth, conditioning, Beard Dandruff, Itchy Face - we want to help you look your best and eliminate the negative stigma surrounding our natural look. We're not lazy, or dirty - we're clean, we work hard, we're BEARDED and we deserve to look our best...Naturally


This is probably the highest quality oil on the market today.  I've recently switched from Young Living to Northridge Oak - and I couldn't be happier


I love the product line and use it daily.  Northridge Oak has done a wonderful job of bringing in a line of extremely high quality.  Not the cheap stuff overcrowding the open market.  Thank you Northridge Oak for caring about my health and well being


I recently tried Northridge Oak Essential Oils - and I'm very impressed with the quality of the product. Rewards program is Top Notch!! Keep up the good work


About Northridge oak

Northridge Oak is a family owned, family operated business.  We live our lives by one philosophy - Keep it Simple. 

At Northridge Oak, we are committed to bringing families like our's products that will allow them to enjoy life to it's fullest potential.  

The stresses of life can have very serious effects on your body and mind.  The stress of being overweight, the stress of not looking your best, the stress that comes from work, family, school... the list goes on. The products we sell are aimed at helping you alleviate that stress, allowing you to live a full, happy and healthy lifestyle; Naturally - free of unnecessary chemicals .

Tired of the Pharmaceutical Companies pumping massive amounts of chemicals in our children, we sat out to understand the alternatives. Our children and the passion we have for eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our everyday life is what inspired us to bring you Northridge Oak Essential Oils.  Hopefully you will also discover the wonderful benefits of these 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oils - sourced from their natural regions.  Our oils are of the highest quality on the market.  

Being a bearded man myself and an avid outdoors man, I've often struggled to keep my beard healthy and soft, Mother Nature can be pretty rough.  Utilizing Northridge Oak Essential Oils, we developed a full line of Men's grooming products aimed at helping you grow and maintain a healthy, soft and flake free beard.  Our proprietary formulas for beard oils and balms were designed to help your beard grow faster, thicker and healthier, without the use of harmful chemicals.  We use only the highest quality oils available which make our beard oils and balms some of our most popular items.  

We hope that you are able to find time in your life to enjoy yourselves, enjoy your family, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, and be grateful for all that life has to offer.

Life is short - so Live the Life you Love



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