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Northridge Oak - Beard Oil / Balm Combo

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As your beard grows, it needs moisture to stay healthy and soft.  Without the needed moisture, your face will become itchy, irritated and you will develop beardruff.  

Northridge Oak has the best oil on the market today.  Our proprietary blends of 8 types of different oil was formulated to promote healthy hair growth, reduce dry skin, relieve itchy beards and provide the nutrients that the beard needs to flourish.   Each oil addresses different issues making our beard oil second to none.  We use only Natural Oils, and 100% Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils. 

We didn't cut any corners when developing this oil, and you are certain to notice the difference in our top quality oils and the other guys overpriced cheap oils that have flooded the market.  Don't let an itchy and flaky face keep you from growing the mane you so rightly deserve.  Simply put a little oil in your hand and rub the skin underneath the beard after you shower - I've found it works best on a damp face.  

You should be using Beard Oils / Balms because you want your Beard to look Good, It's important.  Northridge Oak Beard Combo will leave your beard looking Healthy, Thick and Full.

Buy Now and Get Free Shipping - Because Shipping Sucks.  Choose from 5 Scents.

1. Mighty Oak - With hints of Cedarwood and Fir, this combo will leave you feeling like you just left the deep woods of the Ozark Mountain range.  
2. Ozark Breeze - a relaxing blend of Lavender and Vetiver helps keep you calm throughout the day - very nice
3. Ozark Mint - this blend of Spearmint, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus will help get you moving in the morning - uplifting and minty
4. Simply Citrus - a blend of Blood Orange and Bergamot - Fresh, Citrus but not overpowering.  Perfect start to the day, or night.
5. Ozark Forest - This masculine scent is a favorite amongst men - a blend of Frankincense and Myrhh with deep woodsy and earthy tones.  
Your beard is important, protect it and shape it with Northridge Oak's Beard Combo

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