Northridge Oak - Beard Balm - Mighty Oak - Northridge Oak

Northridge Oak - Beard Balm - Mighty Oak

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Arkansas' #1 Choice for Beard Balm - Handmade in the Ozarks - Northridge Oak's Beard Balm is 100% Natural and designed to moisturize, Shape and Condition your manly mane throughout the day.  Our proprietary blend of natural oils replenish the oils that your beard and face lose due to weather, and washing.  If you want a beard balm that works, and doesn't smell like a flower garden then Mighty Oak is the right choice.  With hints of Cedarwood and Fir, this balm will leave you feeling like you just left the deep woods of the Ozark Mountain range.  Northridge Oak Beard Balm will leave your beard looking Healthy and Thick.

Your beard is important, protect it and shape it with Northridge Oak's Mighty Oak Beard Balm.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Cedarwood Oil, Balsam Fir Oil

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