Clean Linen - 100% Soy Wax Scented Candle

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Introducing our irresistible Clean Linen scented soy wax candles from Pea Ridge Candle Company. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of freshly laundered linens and elevate your space to new levels of freshness and tranquility.

Crafted with care using 100% natural soy wax, our Clean Linen scented candles offer a clean and long-lasting burn. Let the benefits of soy wax candles enhance your experience, creating a healthier indoor environment free from harmful toxins.

Unwind and relax as the crisp and comforting aroma of Clean Linen fills the air. Experience the captivating power of our scented candles, which evoke the sensation of crisp linens swaying in a gentle breeze. Transform your space into a haven of pure cleanliness and relaxation.

Meticulously hand-poured with a lead-free cotton wick, our Clean Linen soy wax candles provide a clean and soot-free experience. Enjoy the refreshing scent for longer, thanks to the generous burn time and consistent burn quality.

Pea Ridge Candle Company's Clean Linen scented soy wax candles combine luxury and craftsmanship. Create a captivating ambiance with these stunning candles, infusing your space with the invigorating fragrance of clean linen.

Transform your home or office into a sanctuary of freshness with our irresistible Clean Linen soy wax candles. Experience the true essence of serene elegance as the enchanting scent of clean linen fills your space, taking you on a journey of pure bliss and relaxation.

Vegan. Lead-free. Paraffin-free. Phthalate-free. 

Proudly hand poured in Pea Ridge, Arkansas

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