Are Women Attracted to Facial Hair? Unveiling the Science Behind the Appeal

Throughout history, facial hair has been a topic of fascination, with men sporting various styles of beards for different reasons. But what do women really think about facial hair? Are they genuinely attracted to men with a beard? In this article, we'll explore multiple studies that provide evidence of women's attraction to facial hair, helping us understand this age-old question from a scientific perspective.

  1. The Journal of Evolutionary Biology:
    A study published in The Journal of Evolutionary Biology conducted by Dixson and Brooks (2013) revealed that women tend to find men with heavy stubble or a full beard more sexually attractive for long-term relationships. This preference suggests that facial hair is associated with masculinity and signals maturity, making men with facial hair more appealing as potential partners.
  2. The Archives of Sexual Behavior:
    A study documented in The Archives of Sexual Behavior by Dixson, Sulikowski, et al. (2016) examined various stages of beard growth and the corresponding attractiveness ratings given by women. The research findings indicated that heavy stubble received significantly higher ratings in terms of attractiveness, masculinity, and social dominance compared to clean-shaven faces or full beards. These results suggest that a well-maintained level of beard growth is particularly appealing to women.
  3. The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior:
    In a study conducted by Muscarella and Cunningham (1996) and published in The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, researchers examined women's preferences for facial hair using composite photographs. The results showed that women rated men with heavy stubble as the most attractive, followed by men with a full beard. Clean-shaven faces received lower attractiveness ratings. This study provided further evidence of women's preference for facial hair when evaluating physical attractiveness.
  4. The Journal of Marketing Research:
    Facial hair also has an impact beyond attractiveness. In a study published in The Journal of Marketing Research by Reed and Blunk (1990), researchers discovered that men with facial hair were more likely to be perceived as having greater social status, maturity, and expertise. This perception of competence and authority may contribute to women being attracted to men with facial hair, as it potentially signifies successful leadership qualities.

While personal preferences may vary, multiple studies provide valuable insights into women's attraction to facial hair. From signaling masculinity and maturity to increasing social dominance and perceived competence, facial hair holds a significant allure for many women.

So, gentlemen, the decision to embrace or groom facial hair may not only enhance your appearance but also captivate the attention of potential partners. As with all matters of attraction, personal style and grooming should ultimately reflect your own preferences and confidence, as that is the key to truly turning heads. But if you are looking to land the perfect mate, you should start by growing out that beard!!  Once you start growing it, make sure you are putting in the effort to maintain it.  Northridge Oak offers a full range of Beard Oils, Beard Balms and Organic Bar Soaps to help you in your beard journey. Shop Here.


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