Northridge Oak Essential Oils - Founder

Steve Murray is the father of 2 beautiful girls.  Being a dad, the health of himself and his family are extremely important to him.  Frustrated with the expensive Pharmaceuticals and harsh chemicals that fill the grocery store shelves - he set out on a mission to bring all natural products in to his family life and quickly discovered the many life altering benefits of essential oils.  

As the founder of Northridge Oak - he has made it his mission to educate others and bring the gift and benefits of essential oils to his family and families like his that want a 100% pure and natural way to live their lives. He continues to make a variety of personal care products for his own personal use, and has recently started selling to customers around the world so that he can share the joys and benefits of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with families across the globe.

Northridge Oak's Beard Care line is a direct reflection of utilizing essential oils in their everyday life. Steve Murray began developing his own line of Beard Oils and Beard Balms and Beard Washes free of chemicals.  Being an avid outdoors man and someone who has sported a beard for the past 15 years, he suffered severely from flaky, dry and itchy skin due to the harsh elements of Nature. Natural Oils became the solution. 

This led to the creation of what is now simply known as Northridge Oak - and they offer some of the highest quality oils, balms and personal care items on the market today.  

Life is short - Live the Life you Love

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