Head Lice Repelant - All Natural - Northridge Oak

Head Lice Repelant - All Natural

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Protect your Family from Head Lice!!!  School is back in session! Did you know that ARKANSAS is 1 of 25 states with "SUPER LICE"?!? While there's fun to be had in class let's get real, lots of gloves, winter caps, and jackets are floating around those halls. Keep your home free and clear from head lice year-round by using our Rosemary, Peppermint, and Tea Tree oils as preventatives. Just two to three drops in your shampoo bottle, inside winter caps and sports gear, or even on backpacks can help.

It's easier to prevent them than it is to get rid of them after the fact. It's only $20 - and IT WORKS!!! Get yours now - with free shipping over $30.



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